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A top North American technology integration and support firm offering comprehensive design-build services, project management, rapid deployments, and on-going field support for any technology, anywhere. We certainly “go the extra 3000 miles”.
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Payment and Price Provisions:

  1. Standard payment terms are 50% mobilization fee upon acceptance of this proposal and the remaining balance is due upon job completion. Job completion starts upon final release of technicians from site. Submittal of all deliverables and invoice(s) do not delay payables timeline.
  2. Any changes to accommodate unexpected site conditions (OOS) and allow installation to proceed without interruption or impact to the established schedule shall be reported immediately to client and provided a CHANGE ORDER REQUEST. OOS exceeding the costs approved under this agreement will not be acted upon without owner authorization. Such changes will be presented to the owner with an explanation why such work is out of scope and how such events have impacted the costs and/or schedules of this agreement. Stärken Technologies shall proceed with such changes upon receipt of written authorization from owner.
  3. The above pricing is exclusive of any costs required to meet local codes, union labor requirements, or permitting charges. Such costs shall be added to this installation contract at the time of their identification.
  4. The above pricing does not include any State or Federal taxes but does include a 6% KY labor tax. The owner is required to pay all applicable federal, state, and local taxes, fees, and licenses.
  5. The standard lead time for this project is at least one (1) weeks from the receipt of a signed contract, and deposit. If any hardware is needed sooner than one (1) week, an expedited shipping fee will apply. This timeline does not include special shipping conditions (like white-glove services), or international shipping.
  6. Shipping for lift will need to come directly to warehouse and pick-up will need to be performed at Client warehouse. Client will need to ensure someone is on site to secure it, and/or have access to lift rental company for both delivery and pick-up.
  7. In the event the owner fails to make payment in accordance with the terms stated, the owner shall pay reasonable attorney fees, the cost of collection, and 1.50 percent (1.50%) per month interest or the maximum allowable under the law.
  8. Stärken Technologies shall retain full title to all merchandise until paid in full.
  9. Final acceptance shall occur automatically on the earlier of (I.) 30 days after the completion of a demonstration and instructional session by Stärken Technologies on the operation of the system or (II.) 45 days from the completion of the installation of equipment (collectively referred to as the “Acceptance Period”). During the acceptance period, the owner has sufficient time to inspect the installation and operation of the system to verify that it is installed and performing satisfactorily and as required pursuant to the installation contract, and any guarantees provided by Stärken Technologies to the owner. All applicable warranty period shall commence from the date of the device installation.
  10. Final acceptance or receipt of final payment shall constitute a waiver of all claims against Stärken Technologies and its installer except for those arising from any unresolved lien, security interest, or encumbrances arising out of this installation contract and any failure of the work to comply with the requirements of the installation contract, or terms of any specific warranties or guarantees provided by Stärken Technologies


Terms and Conditions:


  1. The designs contained in this contract remain the sole property of Stärken Technologies as such shall not be communicated in any form to anyone other than the employees of the individual or corporation named on this installation contract. Any use of this design other than to obtain a price quotation from Stärken Technologies will obligate the individual or organization named above to pay engineering, consulting, and licensing fees related to this design as deemed appropriate by Stärken Technologies.
  2. The owner shall provide Stärken Technologies with as-built plans, or the equivalent thereof, of all the preapproved installation sites as well as the performance and function requirements. Any deviation from the information presented which results in increased cost or redesign by Stärken Technologies shall be at the owner’s expense.
  3. The owner shall be responsible for preparing the site in accordance with the plans and requirements provided by Stärken Technologies or its installer. Such site work to include, without limitation, all electrical power, wiring, structural mounting points, required mill work, removal of all stored materials, and inventory for easy access and the like. The owner shall notify Stärken Technologies ten (10) days before the commencement date of installation, verifying said date acknowledging the site preparatory work is complete and authorizing the commencement of said work.
  4. In the event that conditions at the site are substantially different than those shown on the plans, then any increased costs incurred by Stärken Technologies, including the cost of any additional equipment, labor, design, and the like shall be the owner’s responsibility. The owner shall be responsible for any required site preparation.
  5. The owner, at its expense, shall provide an on-site disposal container for disposal of all construction and installation debris.
  6. The owner bears full legal responsibility and the risk of loss thereon for all equipment provided by Stärken Technologies or its installer upon delivery of said equipment to the site. Owner shall be responsible for providing secure storage for the equipment at the site at any time after delivery.
  7. In the event Stärken Technologies encounters asbestos or polychlorinated biphenyl (PCB) or any other hazardous material, which has not been rendered harmless, Stärken Technologies shall immediately stop work in the affected areas and report the condition to the owner in writing. Work shall not resume until such time as the material has been rendered harmless and written notice and consent of the owner has been given any and all additional costs incurred by Stärken Technologies as a result of the presence of this hazardous material shall be borne by the owner.
  8. No general or limited partner, stockholder, office, director, joint venture, beneficiary, trustee, employee, or other principals, agents, or representatives, (whether disclosed or undisclosed) of Stärken Technologies shall be personally liable to the owner. The liability of Stärken Technologies hereunder is expressly limited to the actual value of the purchase price paid by the owner for the project.
  9. Stärken Technologies and its installer shall perform all work in a good and workmanlike manner and in accordance with all applicable codes and requirements. It is specifically acknowledged that Stärken Technologies may assign the performance of the work required hereunder.
  10. All cabling and construction-related permits and approvals shall be the responsibility of the owner.
  11. The owner shall be responsible for the integration of the work of Stärken Technologies with that of any other contractors employed and working on the site. Stärken Technologies shall not be responsible for any damage to its work or equipment caused by the owner or any of its contractors, employees, or agents.
  12. Any delay in the performance of the work caused by the owner and anyone claiming by, through, or under the owner or any delay caused by labor disputes, unusual delivery delays, unavoidable casualties, or other cause beyond the control of Stärken Technologies shall result in an extensions of time for completion of the performance of the work and increase in payment commensurate with the extension of time and costs incurred by Stärken Technologies as a result of such delay.
  13. The terms of the purchase and installation of the equipment shall be governed by the laws of the state of Kentucky. The venue of any proceeding shall be Boone County, KY
  14. Any and all required notices shall be sent to Stärken Technologies certified mail, return receipt requested, or by other express mail delivery service to the following address:


Stärken Technologies, Inc.

PO Box 6572

Florence, KY 41022

  1. Stärken Technologies shall provide appropriate supervision of its employees and contractors assigned to the job.
  2. Stärken Technologies may provide equal alternate equipment if the equipment specified is no longer available or cannot be obtained in a timely fashion necessary to meet the construction schedule.
  3. Stärken Technologies shall not be responsible for manufacture shortages and product availability.
  4. In the event of owner breach, this installation contract may be terminated by Stärken Technologies upon two (2) days written notice to the owner, unless the owner cures and corrects the breaching condition within said two (2)-day period. The owner breach shall include, but not be limited to, nonpayment of amounts due, breach of any provision of this installation contract, bankruptcy, receivership, or any similar action in consequence of debt.
  5. This agreement constitutes the full and complete agreement of the parties hereto and supersedes all prior and contemporaneous agreements and understandings relating to the subject matter hereof. Any purchase order, invoice, or other document issued by the owner in connection with this agreement shall be solely for the owner’s internal business purposes and to facilitate payment, and in no event shall the terms and conditions, or other charges of any such document modify or become part of this agreement or become binding on Stärken Technologies, even if an acknowledgement copy is signed by Stärken Technologies. Under no circumstances shall Stärken Technologies be liable for any penalty fees, fines, or other charges imposed for non-compliance with the owner’s requirements. In the event of any conflict between the terms of this agreement and the standard terms of any other agreement, including but not limited to dealer sales contract, purchase order, operating guide, dealer guidelines or other obligations, the terms of this agreement shall prevail.
  6. Non-returnable items include (but are not limited to) labor, bench fee, shipping costs, any damaged items, or hardware that has been fully installed
  7. All returned checks will be assessed a $45.00 fee or the maximum allowed by law.

Warranty Provisions:

  1. All hardware and other component parts provided and installed by Stärken Technologies are warranted as indicated on their respective manufacturers warranty cards.
  2. This warranty is voided by intentional or accidental damage, theft, power fluctuations or spikes, spillage, operator abuse, tampering, improper maintenance, acts of God, addition or interface to system if such equipment or installation thereof is not supplied by Stärken Technologies, or any act of negligence by the owner, or anyone claiming by, through, or under the owner, This warranty is void if labels bearing the serial numbers have been removed or defaced.
  3. Stärken Technologies is not responsible for interference to the system or equipment due to improper installation of 110-Volt AC power or other equipment sources, such as lighting systems, dimmers, appliances, AM/FM signals, radio transmissions, and the like.
  4. The warranty does not cover normal system maintenance and cleaning of components, such as video and audio heads, cd players, amplifiers, and the like.
  5. For routine maintenance or other service calls, the owner shall contact Stärken Technologies at the service phone number: 844-782-7536 x1 or email: service@Stä
  6. In the event the system does not perform as warranted during the warranty period, the owner shall contact Stärken Technologies in writing setting forth the deficiency. Stärken Technologies shall have the opportunity, at its sole discretion, to repair, replace, or otherwise correct and cure the deficiency. Any warranty work not performed or authorized by Stärken Technologies shall void all warranty protection. Any labor to remove and replace hardware is not covered under any manufacturer warranty.
  7. This warranty shall be voided in the event the environmental variables upon which the system was designed are altered. Such environmental variables include without limitation, reconfiguration of the serviced area, alteration of the carpeting or ceiling tiles or window treatments, location of inventory, type of inventory, and the like.
  8. Merchandise returned for repair, warranty, or credit may only be removed by Stärken Technologies or its authorized agent. After the expiration of the warranty period, all returned equipment must be shipped freight prepaid and will not be accepted without a return authorization (RA) number. A RA number can only be obtained by contacting Stärken Technologies. A twenty percent (20%) restocking charge shall apply to all products returned for credit. In the event the manufacturer deems (when received for warranty repair) any hardware damaged for any reason the hardware cannot be return, but Stärken Technologies can replace said hardware at the replacement cost.
  9. Except for warranties specifically contained in this agreement or a contract, STI disclaims all warranties, express and implied, including but not limited to the implied warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, and those arising from a course of dealing.  STI does not warrant that services and/or deliverables will operate uninterrupted or error free, or that all deficiencies, errors, defects or nonconformities will be corrected.  STI has no warranty obligation for products, materials, or services that client acquires from third parties, even if STI assisted in evaluating or selecting them.  The failure of products, materials, or services client acquires from third parties or their suppliers will not affect client’s obligations to STI.  If STI designates that its products, deliverables, or services are provided “as is”, there is no warranty.
  10. In no event shall STI be liable for any special, incidental, consequential or punitive damages including, without limitation, any damages resulting from loss of use, loss of data, loss of profits, loss of savings, personal injury, or loss of business arising out of or in connection with this agreement or the performance of the services, whether or not STI has been advised of the possibility of such damages.